Render in cycles

Hi guys right here renderizei increasing the noise samples in 1000, rendering the noise does not disappear, eheh anyone knows how to fix this?


I feel like I’m saying this a lot lately: did you use Area Lights or a Mesh Emitter? a scene like yours with Mesh Emitters should be reasonably clear after 500 samples - 1000 should be as clear as a window with no glass in it :wink:

Nice looking model by the way.

It might be light setup… I made quick imitation (yours is nice, really :)), blender 2.62.3 r45582, rendered 400 passes, not a one burning pixel and seems almost no noise, except reflection on the inside of the lens, which could need more passes likely.
HDimage, blend.

thanks, helped a lot XD
I solved the problem Raised samples
and decreases the gloss

thank you