render in fields-not frames

could not find info on the subject
gvr had a plug-in once, but it works only with the casablanca-editor

so i can enable fields, and…
i want to achieve a crisp clean video image in pal

any ideas, links, solutions… %|

I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking, so I’m pretty sure you already know what I’m going to say, but you can turn Fields rendering on in the Scene settings (F10).


but in order to achieve this crisp clean image,
do i still have to render with 25fps or what?

If it’s for TV output, you need to render to whatever standard you want to follow: 24 fps for PAL and 30 fps for NTSC (NTSC is really 29.97, so you’ll have to modify the frame rate in an external program).


25fps for PAL and 29.997 for NTSC
There’s something to be said for pedantism…

I don’t see the point of the 29.997/30 difference, if comes to one dropped frame every 5 1/2 minutes… Who’s going to notice?

[edit]Ah, I know. By the end of a 90-minute movie the sound and pictures would be out by about half a second if it was recorded at 30fps and played back at 29.997 - and that is noticible

it´s for PAL, so it´ll be 25 fps

but at 25 fps the output sucks

i once read that you can field render 50 fps and then play back at 25 fps in order to get this really nice crisp look, but there must be somthing i´m missing

For PAL, render with 25 FPS and fields on. Then play in a TV to see the benefits of the field rendering (computer moniotr are progressive - all frame at once - so there´s o way to see the smooth results of fields).

25fps for PAL and 29.997 for NTSC
There’s something to be said for pedantism…[/quote]
I yes, thanks for correcting me.


got it somehow wrong, it does not need 50fps as it already…
well i found some ino here:

Well, yes, you definitely got something really wrong… I have rendered 25 fps movies WITHOUT fields, and even those displayed fine on a TV, except if you were a video engineer and closely paying attention.