Render in Parts Cycles blender 2.6

Is it possible to split up my render into parts to save memory? Or render a low sample image and then overlay with another low sample image because right now I can’t use my GPU to render due to too much memory and my CPU is too slow…


You could move objects to different layers and then use layer passes to render them separately and combine them in the compositor. Have you looked into that?

It’s always possible to render in parts. Like blenderjourney said, even different render and scene layers can help split up your scene. Heck, even Hollywood productions can’t render all objects at the same time - it just isn’t cost effective due to deadlines.

The easiest thing is to define exactly what you want as foreground, midground and background. Split up your scene that way, and then base your sample size (if you’re using Cycles) on how close the object or objects are to camera. If the background is ultimately going to be blurry and out-of-focus, for example, there’s no need to waste a lot of samples rendering it.

When I’m rendering a print, the ultimate dpi (dots per inch) is so high, I can’t render the image in one go on my CPU. So I actually use a nifty camera feature called “Composition Guides” that overlays dotted lines through your rendered view of the camera. That way, I render the scene in either 4 parts (a quadrant), or 9 parts (the rule of thirds). Sure, it takes longer to render the whole image, but it is fairly easy to combine the sections into Photoshop later and the resolution is much higher because the Cycles noise is so tiny by this point.

What version of blender are you using? there now is a tile renderer, which automatically splits up the scene into smaller tiles (whcih are more efficient to render) and then at the end combines them all back into one image. This should overcome the ram limit you are talking about.

Yeah, I’m still on 2.63 right now. I have to do some upgrades to take full advantage of the new version of blender.

Thanks, Im using 2.65 and the tiles don’t seem to be of much help still crashes… You can split render in parts using composition grid?

As far as I know, the memory usage is largely determined by the amount of geometry and textures on the scene.
To make the scene fit in your GPU’s memory you have no other choice but to make some compromises. What kind of scene do you have?

Can anyone tell me more about what blenderjourney and Illusionist are talking about? I’ve been scouring the Internet for just this sort of thing. I’d really like to render my images in sections so it’s a bit easier on my machine and myself. I’ve found bits and pieces of information about render layers and compositing but nothing that I can use together to get the job done.

All I was referring to was something very old school. For my stills that I render out, I use the “composition guides” that are in the camera tab. Those don’t do anything - they are simply a visual reference. What I need them for is so that I know what sections overlap, and then use the “border” and “crop” options in the render tab to slice up the image. Shift + B on the keyboard allows you to border select just the region you want to render. Does this make sense?

You could use Oscurart Tools for split your render.
This can’t reduce the GPU memory usage!