Render in reverse

Can I render my animation from back to front? I see I can play it in reverse . I need to render it in reverse. like from frame 250 to frame 1.
If I can not do this, can I reverse my clip in the sequence editor?
I tried both with no success.
Thank you.

You can always render out your sequence and then flip the animation in something like After Effects or Final Cut if you have those options. I do a lot of motion design, so my production pipeline includes heavy After Effects work, even with 3D content.

Add the movie to the sequencer and add a Speed Control effect strip. In the effect strip properties (N key) in the filter settings select the Backwards tickbox to reverse the frame order.

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Cool. Thank you very much.

If you happen not to be too-young to remember those stupid “Purina Cat Chow” commercials, you can even do that.

I cordially apologize for reminding all of you about those … (“chow, chow, chow!”) … commercials. Me(ow) culpa.

Thank you very much Richard Marklew!

Hey nice idea XD

Another (More contemporary?) usage is to make animated .gifs loops (with reverse playback) for the LolCats :wink:

The most efficient way to do this is to just copy the already rendered frames, then rename them so they play backwards.

So, imagine you’re dealing with a 250 frame long sequence, then:

frame_001 …becomes… frame_250
frame_002 …becomes… frame_249
frame_003 …becomes… frame_248

And great app to automatically rename files (on Windows) is Total Commander.

Here’s a pic of the settings you need:

Obviously that doesn’t capture things like physics simulations which would be different when running normally over backwards frames, i wonder if that’s in some way possible?

Blender should just have a “render backwards” checkbox in the render settings, with an additional option of whether to render physics backwards or not.