render inside game

it is posible to make render inside game ?
press button start render .

try this: bge.render.makeScreenshot(filename) to save it to filename.

if youre looking for rendering to a texture, you can use this code:

import bge
log = bge.logic
data= log.globalDict

sce = log.getCurrentScene()
con = log.getCurrentController()
own = con.owner

name= “render”

if name in data:
tex = bge.texture

 matID = tex.materialID(own, "MAscreen_mat")
data[name] = tex.Texture(own,matID,0)
data[name].source = tex.ImageViewport()

where screen_mat is the name of the material of your “screen object”, which also runs this script. for your screen object youll also need a texture channel…i think, but thats all.