Render is bleached or washed

Hello I must have changed a setting somewhere and now my render is being washed out. I have checked the lighting by turning off all lights and it still comes out washed. Strange thing is that while its rendering it looks ok just seems the very last thing it does is apply a setting that causes the wash. I did have mist turned on but have turned it off and it still occurs.
Im sorry but I cannot add the blend file as it is too large but here are two screen shots one while it is rendering and the final image.

you can see the rocks are a good example of the wash I am talking about?

Well, something in compositing then. Or a rogue image strip in the sequencer. In any case: Check what happens after the render in your scene setup.

Then delete everyting from that file except a miminum that still shows the problem, save under a different name and upload that.

I have deleted everything but a camera and a light and it is still 21mg. Could something be orphaned somewhere?

Ah I found a bunch of orphaned data and purged it. down to 2 mg now
here is the blend
error 06-14-2015-3.blend (3.01 MB)

As I said - this is your compositing setup:

You tell Blender to slap white color over your render, resulting in that washed out look. Either get rid of that compositing nodes or disable Compositing under Render > Post Processing:

Thanks Ikari that was driving me nuts? I don’t remembering turning that on.

Compositing is on by default. You must have gotten into the post processing and added it without realizing you did or something.

Actually, it looks like you were trying to do something and you thought you were looking at Cycles nodes but somehow got on the image nodes.