Render is overwriting in 2.82! Why? After 17 hours!

I downloaded new Blender 2.82 today and while working on one computer, I started rendering on another. All the time the same settings, no overwriting!!! and I usually have from frame 1 to frame 1 and hit render animation. I was so happy with the result few minutes before render was done. I came back to see final render image and I saw new rendering is running, overwriting… OMG!!! What is going on? never happened before, maybe one or two times, but I had overwriting on. NOT THIS TIME! Is it possible to find te render done? I tried, but I cannot see it.

Ok, now I am back and

I found out the reason why I had problem like this. Newly instaled Blender 2.82 on one computer (I applied new settings on first computer) found 4 “old layers”(scenes) saved in a file made in Blender 2.79b and started to render new project 4 times. The story starts here: IT IS NOT TIPICAL BUT MAYBE SOMEONE DID THE SAME MISTAKE I wanted to use one model I created for a long time ago in Blender 2.79b. I had 2 copies of this file and I decided to open one and selected parts of a model I wanted, iverted selection and delated every other objects (after unhiding everything). I saved/ overwrited this in Blender 2.81 first. I cleaned up the file from information about delated objects, materials in Orphan Data window. But! I did not check Scenes. I worked on this model and new project in 2.81. I was satisfied with better look of it and suddenly I saw Blender 2.82 is for download and I did it and started to render the project. On second computer I accidentaly overwrited my settings from 2.81 and rendering was ok. I was shocked when I saw that the first computer is overwriting the render. It stopped it and after som time I took some tests with low sampling and realized that it is overwriting 4 times and saving at the end one render. After all I saw these Scenes in Outliner. I knew it was from old file and it does not metter that I took the overwriting function off.

That why you should always do a very low sample and low res version first, to verify everything is working correctly before doing render that takes many hours.