Render is really slow on Ubuntu

Hey Blender friends/
I have ubuntu 9.04 and blender 2.53
I had some work that I moved from windows to ubuntu as i heard it’s works better there, but i found that the image that renders in windows in about 28 sec takes 48 sec on linux !!!
I have proc:- C2Duo E8400 ,graphic card Nvidia Gs 8400 installed on linux and 2 GB RAM

Also Blender stops responding after an hour or two of rendering

check in Properties -> Render -> Performance that you have 2 threads available for your Core 2 Duo…

yea , it’s on auto detect mode and still slow

what’s the build number of blender?

blender 2.53b
everything goes normal except render
sequencer works great but image render is too slow

Perhaps you should try some of the latest snapshots from or build blender on yourself from the svn to see if you can notice some improvements.

Thank you
I have downloaded the latest optimized build but render speed is still the same

if you go into a terminal window and run the “top” command it will show you what process is using how much cpu capacity (or you can use one of the GUI system load tools)
is blender using your cpu wide open?
If you close blender down is something else hammering your cpu?

weird, runs just fine on a Q6600 on Ubuntu… with much faster raytracing than 2.49…

OTOH, I have no stinking Windows around to know if it would run any faster there…

I noticed that back with 2.49 the official BF build did simulations faster under windows than linux
apparently it had openMP enable and the linux build did not
this had no effect on rendering though
all the more reason to figure out how to roll your own:)