Render issues

I think I posted an earlier request for assistance in the wrong spot, so my apologies for that.

At any rate, I mostly solved my texture issue, however I am using a version of a node group I built based on BlenderGuru’s PBR node configuration (and which I had working in another project) but something is not working properly now and the rendered object shows up black. I have tried to go through all of my nodes again and I THINK everything is set up correctly there, so I am guessing my issue is elsewhere.

If someone can find what I have messed up, I would really appreciate it (I think I have everything properly packed into this blend file, but I don’t use this system very often).Door.blend (1.8 MB)

your node groups are messed up. you are trying to put gray into green. green only goes to green.

Not sure how I missed that. Still something up with my textures, but at least it’s not black. Thanks!