render layer, passes, composition?

Hey. Sorry if i’m asking a stupid question, but i’ve googled it, and i’ve searched the forum for about 1 hour or so, but my problem is, i’m not quite sure what what i’m looking for is called. My “problem”
I’m trying to render a large scene (blend file = 25 mb) i have put different objects, lights etc on different layers, just to be able to work on it. When trying to render, blender chrashes after occlusion counting up to about 500 000. I have about 1gb of ram, and a really crappy graphics card. So i was wondering, and i have treid it a bit, but i’m not very good at it. Say i have 6 layers, what would the node setup look like to make it into a picture. If nodes are the best way that is. Is there any other way of rendering this huge scene withouth cutting down on details and quality of the image. I’m going to render the scene for the cgtalk event challenge, and the deadline is on sunday, and it worked fine untill yesterday when my scene got too big. Any help/advice/tutorial/blend file?

Any help is highly appreciated. If you don’t want to tell me, just give me a tutorial, anything, I want to learn this too, would be really useful as my cpu and graphic card quality is fairly limited.


Can you provide more details of your scene:
What are your render settings?
How many faces do you have in the whole scene (the number near “Fa:” at the top)?
How many lamps, their settings?
Materials with Ray transparency or Ray Mirror?

ehm, well, not sure, since i don’t have the blend here, but at least 4 or 5 lamps, i have a couple of hundred objects (some screws and smaller objects, but about 30-50 larger objects), render size is 2567x3636 or something, i have edge (toon edge) and toon shading, but i have many materials with reflections (engine metal and stuff), and i have ambient occlusion on. I’ve tried turning that off, but still uses many hours of rendering time. I’ll provide an update with the faces tomorrow if needed, but many ten thousand faces at least i would say. Tomorrow i’ll start removing unnessesary details (things that are not seen from the view. Also, i have a large plane as sea(ocean)


1218586 faces and 1238935 verticies. :s


It could be a ram problem… 1 Gb with all that stuff isn’t enough!
Try to render smaller resolution and see what happens…

it works with smaller resolution and/or if i turn off radiosity rendering and do 100x64 parts rendering. But it won’t render with the correct reflections or very large resolution(which i need for the challenge) but i found a solution. Next time i’ll do less objects, and better textures to save faces and render time.
thanks for the reply. Any way i can calculate if my computer will render such a scene?

When you ‘layers’ do you mean like a AO pass, reflection pass etc?

Does it crash just doing an AO pass on it’s own?