Render layers finished animation, png sequences, exrmultilayer files

Hello Blender community. I will try not to sound toooo nooby, but I have exalsted my nooby connections and am not finding answers so I have had to come here. I have a good knowledge base to do this and that so pleas hear me out. I have a couple questions regarding final renders… I have my scene divided into render layers and would like composited finished png images when I hit RENDER ANIMATION, my node tree in composite works fine for single images but only get the first layer when rendering animation even though it appears to render both.

Second problem (different issue). When I composite EXR multilayer files, I don’t get a layer option on the image node when I open the file in comositing though I follow directions on my node setup in composite both while saving and opening file.

So to sum it all up my OPEMEXRMULTILAYER doesn’t create .exr files that have multilayers.

When I render a png sequence it only includes one layer at a time. (i presume this is normal though why does blender take the time to render the other layers then?)

I am assuming at this point in the game I am delving into the bigger picture stuff that would be easier to answer with a direct line of communication with someone. I am open to any suggestions at this point. thank you.

p.s. I sleep days and will be back this afternoon central time.