Render Layers How To

Hi All,

I have searched and searched and read the manual. But no where can I find an example of how to use render layers.

Looks like this external site has information the documentation is lacking.

In the compositor, shift-a>input>add render layer

On the render layer node - drop down menu on the left picks the scene, drop down menu on the right picks the render layer within the scene.

The render section in the buttons window - far left dialogue, has “output” (normally selected) and “render layers.” Pick “render layers.”

First option - active layers in your scene. This is a duplicate of the layers controls in the 3D window.

2nd option -add/name/delete/select render layers

3rd option - layers in your render layer.

4th option - never used any of this stuff

5th option - (combined, Z, etc) - the data the render layer outputs. Pick something here and it will appear as an extra output link in the render layer node in the compositor. The ones I use most are Vec (speed vector, needed for Vector Blur), Z (on by default), for the defocus and vector blur nodes), and Index Ob (basically creates masks for objects, based on their index number. Which itself is set under the object section of the buttons window. Look under Objects and Links, Pass Index).

Got it!

I think it is a bit confusing that when you select the render nodes window, nothing works. You have to “Activate” it by clicking on another button (the little face picture) and then click the “Use Nodes” button. this is ridiculous. It should default to being on.

I mean, when am I going to want the node window active with all features disabled?

The little face is for the compositor, the other way is material nodes.

As for why “use nodes” is there, I don’t have the answer. It would seem to be redundant with “do composite.”