Render layers in Cycles

I am making a scene for BlenderGuru Comp but noticed that there are no render layers in cycles. Does anyone know a way around that?

No way around it… but it will soon be added!

the best you can do now is combining cycles with the BI. There are a few examples here if you search

I have a work around that I used.
I wanted some glare added to a few objects, so I rendered with the glare and when the render was finished I saved the composited image and then I also saved the non composited image from the same render(one of the drop downs will allow you to do that).
I then imported both images into gimp with the composited image in the layer above the non-composited image. Then I added a black layer mask on the top layer and just painted in the areas I wanted the glare
Worked well for just the one effect, but you would have to re-render for any additional effect you wanted to add…

One alternate way to get around this is to use two different scenes instead of layers.
You can link the objects across two scenes, and should be able to composite elements from two different scenes.

To add Glare in Compositor is just a value key. So you should be able to add that node onto the Cycles output.