render layers - please help!!!

Hi All,
I’m fighting with following problem:

Layer 1 - have created a smoke with note effect ‘Blur’
Layer 2 - have my houses - here I dont want to have any blur effect

So I have created 2 scenes:
Scene1 - only houses - without blur effect
Scene2 - one where is vissible only layer1 - and to that render layer I have added the blur effect.

The problem is that if I render this I will get allways Blury effect also on the houses - or I will get render without the houses :no:…

PLEASE can you help me with that?

I think I found the solution - node editor and ‘overlapping’ between that 2 layers… ufffffff

In the future post a screen shot of your node network. Something like this is almost always a setup or connection error, which we can’t determine just from your description.