Render Layers question

Hi there,

I was rendering some animation for flash earlier, rendered the background, then the foreground objects that move all on a series of transparent alpha PNGs so i can composite the two in flash.

I have some reflective surfaces on the main animated objects, and i want these to reflect the background so they don’t look like crappy grey plastic…

I have this working using render layers. but it has to “pre-render” the background on each frame, and on the second pass or so the background is taken out, leaving only the object that’s animated. This is fine, but in light of speeding up render time and for future reference is there a way that i can make it use the stuff on the “background” layer for reflections without having to “pre-render” it on each frame?


austen :cool:

Make sure those background objects reside on separate scene layers (layers in 3D space) while any objects to be rendered reside on any layers apart from those containing background objects. On the render layers tab there exists two rows of layer buttons. Here you need to make sure that all layers containing objects to be either rendered or reflected are enabled on the top row of buttons while on the bottom row you only select layers which you want to appear in the rendered image. Ray tracing and shadow buffer operations happen in a pre-render process, not during the render itself. The upper and lower layer buttons concept was implemented into the render layer tab for exactly the purpose you seek. This works for reflections, ray AND buffer shadows, and for radiosity.