Render layers with Volumetric lighting

Hi everyone,

I have a huge scene to render, with a volumetric lighting made in the world shader (by adding a principled volume shader).
I want to use render layers to render my collections in different layers and then make the compositing to get the final render.

Problem is : the volumetric lighting applies on each layer, making the composition impossible.
Anyone would know how to deal with render layers and volumetric lighting ?

Render your collections without volume. Create a new one where everything is in a collect set as holdout, them add your volume to your final render in compositing.

Outliner > Scene Collection > Right click Collection > View Layer > Set Holdout

Thanks for the reply.
Yes, this solution works with a volumetric lighting made with a volume shader applied on a rectangle for example. I don’t think this is possible to get the effect with volumetric lighting applied directly on the world settings. Anyway, the volumetric effect seems to be the same with a big rectangle containing the scene and a volumetric shader applied on it instead of applying on the world shader. Thank you