Render/ lighting archeticture

i heard that there maybe an implentation of reyes archeticture…what ever that is!

im guessing it is to do with rendering, and viewports etc. so would this speed up the calculations of light on channel layers (i.e. blue, green, red, nor, depth) and on opengl or shaded views of meshes. if so maybe some coders could implement a realtime rendering/ lighting solution that big production houses use for testing final shots on the fly. basically it is a render split into channels, red, green, blue, depth (Z), nor, alpha…possibly shadow?!..these layers combine with a simple shaded scene/ model allow them to change the lighting in realtime but effect the render (which is at 80-90%) final render qaulity. check the pixar papers out for more on this.

anyway this would (imo) be an awesome tool for blender, for example if you let it interface with renderman or using the internal renderer (once it supports some more features) and you have a nice render but there is one or two lighting conditions you dont like you go and edit it in render and have it like you want and then go re-render on full settings…anyway just an idea.

I think this is what the preview window (shift+p) is probably headed for as far as lighting tweaks and the such (as it already has the ability for lighting tweaks).

The Reyes archeticture is a ray-tracing archeticture, and it’s the fastest and most realiable one I’ve heard of. It’s what Pixie uses. This is good news, if it happens.

I was under the impression that Reyes stood for Render Everything Your Eye Sees. Reyes is the rendering paradigm that the Renderman spec was built on (developed by what would eventually become Pixar). It’s not raytracing.

yah, but where did you hear that? Basically rumor without sources, yes? :slight_smile: I would so like to see Renderman native in blender. That and networked single image tiled renders so I could throw for or five machines at the same frame.

reyes is not raytrace, pixar added raytracing later.
reyes renders a scene in blocks which is why it is so me,ory friendly and could not handle rayracing at th beginning