Render Limit?

So, I’m rendering a scene for my friend here, and when I look in the camera’s view of my scene, everything cuts off at a certain point in the camera’s view (The end of the road). Is there any way to fix this or am I going to have to minimize my scene so it fits into the supposed camera limit?

Of course, I have more stuff beyond the “camera limit” but the rendering or the camera’s view doesn’t want to show it for some reason.

And another thing, anyone knows why this happens with the lighting?

there is a property of any camera called clipping.

By default its 100m, so if you didn’t change it before then probably your models are much much too big.

that thing that you marked in a red elipse is probalby caued by car’s rear lights.

Thanks, and for the rear light issue, is there any way to not make the lighting like that or is it better to delete the rear lights all together?

You can just lower the intensity. If the car isn’t braking there is no reason for them to glow that much.
Are you using lamp objects or a shader with emmision?

Lamp objects

then you can use spot lights to cast lights in a desired direction

Thanks so much!