Render Lineup??

Ok, im busy rendering 2 videos at the same time and its taken 16 hours because of that. Is there a way to make it so that the one renders and stright when its done, the next one starts?:confused:
(oh and, they are 2 diff .blend files)

This isnt exactly what you were asking about, but have you considered running two blenders at the same time? Each can render a different project simultaneously.

yea, they can render at the same time but it takes longer, is there some way to make sort of a lineup for rendering so when the one finishes the other starts…

That would be cool:cool:
As far as I know, not possible though.

Maybe you could append the whole 2nd file into the first, into another scene, then render using the sequencer by adding two strips - scene 1 and scene 2, and then render animation with ‘do sequence’ enabled. I think this is the purpose of having separate scenes , being able to have multiple animations.

thanks Crigomatic, ill do that next time

If you’re on Windows, you can use Task Manager to give one instance of Blender a low priority. The higher-priority render will take up all the CPU, finish first, and then the lower-priority render will take up the newly available CPU after that.

Write a shell (batch) file to run one job (blender command line) right after the other.

If you’re on windows, copy and paste this into notepad, and then save it as a .bat file:

cd “\Program Files\Blender”
blender -b “C:\your-first-render.blend” -a
blender -b “C:\your-next-render.blend” -a

Adjust the directory names to fit your system.
then run it.
you can type “blender -h” for more options, such as “-S” to specify which scene to render.

some more information on command line rendering.

you can also set start and end frames, output file format, output directory, etc from the command line (or shell script or batch file)

For long animations, this is generally preferable as you will not run the overhead of running blender in the background. faster,uses less RAM, and no time wasted drawing progress to the screen (although the last one doesn’t matter too much).

Speedups for me are around 15% using command line rendering as opposed to rendering from within blender, although it could be more or less.

To reiterate, 86point5 and knellotron are correct. You will save yourself much time and pain by doing it this way.

Have you tried using renderfarm software that supports multiple projects and only setting up a single slave on your computer? I would personally write a shell script, but the renderfarm might be the easiest way to go for the non technically inclined.

i would go with cire’s method. It’s the fastest.

Sounds like you need to call the render farms.

Actually, I’d say batch files are the way to go. Context switching is usually painful, and best avoided if you’re looking for speed. Quickest to setup, but probably not as fast running.

So, a vote for batch files or renderfarms (try respower) here.

I find Farmerjoe really helpful in these situations. Even if you don’t have multiple computers, it works really well as a job queuing system by running a master and slave on the same computer.

Alternative submit job script until the next version:
The original works fine, just a few more options :slight_smile: