Render mode mixed with Solid mode


I am posting here to try and get some help with a problem i have come across when modeling my 180sx.
I was in render mode and after the render had finished, i saved my .blend.
I later reopened the .blend with a allot of issues, here is a list of the issues. (This only happened with one object of my .blend but its the main body.)

  1. i can see back-faces in solid mode.
  2. my x y z thing has disappeared from the bottom left corner.
  3. the texture and material mode have no difference as solid mode.
  4. rendered mode does not show the object.
  5. when i select a object it has no outer line showing that its selected.

That’s everything i’ve immediately spotted but i’m sure there’s more issues. In this pic you can see issue: 1, 2 and 3.

I hope you guys have a fix for this issue :slight_smile:

Look in the properties panel (shortcut N) under Display. have you enabled ‘Only Render’ ?

Supply a blend file for further assistance