Render more frames for animations in less time

Here’s a workflow to save time that works pretty well for some scenes. The first video below is a pencil modeled, textured, animated and rendered with Blender 2.66 (cycles). Each frame takes my machine from 4 to 12 minutes to render. It has 250 frames + the first frame and last frames are held for a few seconds.

A shortcut to get a lot more frames (nearly twice as many here) is to use slowmovideo from granjow. It’s now available for both Windows and Linux, and this vid only took about 30 minutes to render:

If you already have a sequence of frames rendered out and want to change playback speed for dramatic effect, it has an advantage on the VSE because it can interpolate between already rendered frames:

This algorithm gets strained for some kinds of scenes (for example it really choked on one of my scenes with train tracks), but using it on the second video above literally saved 20 hours of render time to create.

Very interesting! Thank you for sharing. I’ll be looking into this workflow and SlowMoVideo, thanks again.

Just to be clear: I used the same 250 frames on all three of these videos, which took about 24 hours to render. I fed the 250 frames into slowmoVideo and it cranked out 480 frames with just 30 min render time (it also created the mpg file). So it saved me having to rerender the whole thing, or at the very least, it saved the time to make 480-250=230 frames.