Render name like scene name, etc

Hello, blender devs!
Do you plan add add output render option of filename name “name file like scene name” or same.
Like it was in Darktable
It will be very useful option!

Yes please!

Nice! :yes: +1

A bit off:
Is there also such a possibility for Metadata Stamp Output?

Not exactly, but you can do something similar:

Thanks ^ :smiley:

Added Q&A for setting render output path: How to set the render-output using arbitrary values?

ideasman42, thank you for reply
Useful script, but only for sequences, not for stils
I mean variables, may be, like “+” button in this window

Committed change to behavior of Save As from renders.

How this works?

A little puzzled by this. When you set up a new Scene, the output-destination parameters are, AFAIK, distinct for that scene. You plan your directory-layout and file-naming conventions as part of the overall project plan, which might involve dozens of blend-files with dozens of scenes apiece (if you get carried away …). I’m not sure how “helpful” it would be for Blender to try to do that on your behalf. Seems to me it would get in the way, especially if it changed. It’s a very bad thing to render to a new file-name while another part of the workflow (which any one Blend-file “knows not of …”) winds up referring to a now-stale file that’s still out there. You could chase after white-rabbits like that for a long time, if you actually caught it.

i think all he is looking for is filenaming symbols to semi-script the output names

something like renders%date%%scene% - %frame%.png

I’d also like this feature - and wouldn’t this make a really good quick hack?

Think this is more a design task (as in - do we even want to add & support this?).

One of the issues it introduces is you need to know more information to find what the output path would be.

There are a bunch of minor gotchas which we would run into… off hand.

  • How would this work with the sequencer (active camera for eg)?
  • Would path separators be allowed in data-block names? (and would expanding them switch them to native windows/unix direction?).
  • Would we support expanding nested properties?
  • Should this work with camera switching?
  • Should these properties be expanded reading files back in?
  • Would we support variables that change (such as the date), which can make animation playback fail? (the next day).
  • Would this work for the file-output node? (and would it track the scene which its getting input from)?
  • Would this work when compositing from EXR’s (where the information can be accessed via metadata)?

While the feature is simple for the common case, tracking this data through the sequencer, compositor pipelines can become tricky.

It also means that something you would think should be simple - making a list of files that will be written.
Ends up being much more complicated - since a file might use camera switching anywhere. so for reliable results you would have to step over each frame to get the output (maybe the file has physics sim…).
So in the worst case - getting a list of output files could be slow instead of being nearly instant.

… other issues are solvable or avoidable, but for some marginally useful feature which you can already do using Python scripts if you really want, it means we have a bunch of extra cases to support. So I’m not so convinced this feature is worth adding and attempting to support.

On the other hand we could support this only for simple cases (as I expect other applications do), and just close bug reports for people who expect this to work with animation playback with camera switching - for instance.

Update, this change broke workflow for saving incremental renders, - reverted.