Render new prefs issue

Hi All!

I have a project that I created in Blender. One day it was fine, and I tried to open it a few weeks later and I got the “render new prefs error.” Then the Blender file would open up to the page where you save a file, but it wont let me get to any other window. If I press F12, it renders the last thing that the camera was on, but that is it.

This was on Windows 7 for Blander 2.68b.

I just tried converting to 2.70a on the same computer to open the file. This time I do not get the render new prefs error, but the file still opens to the save page and does not allow me to get back to the modeling window.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on or how to fix this? I have a feeling it could be related to a directory issue, but I am not sure.

Thanks for any advice

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Would it be possible for you to share your .blend file to see if anyone else can reproduce the problem?

Sorry about that, I was having a little trouble navigating around the site. Can I attach it here?

Sorry about that. I was having trouble finding my way around the site. I am trying to upload the file, but nothing happens when I do. Is there somewhere else I should upload it? Thanks

Hi, I am not sure if my last post went through. I tried uploading the .blend file but it did not work. Am I supposed to load it somewhere else?

Sorry for the multiple posts. I was in different screens and didnt realize that nothing would show until it was approved. Anyway, I couldn’t get the file to upload or work, but I found a work-around.

  1. Open a new Blender file (don’t delete the one that doesn’t work)
  2. Go to File -> Append
  3. Go to the directory with the “broken” file and click it
  4. (I was concerned more about my meshes so I worked to get those back first) Click Mesh
  5. Choose the ones that you want
  6. Press Link/Append from library which is next to the bar with the file directory

Worked like a charm. I have my stuff back and saved :smiley:
The only thing is, I think I still have to keep the other file for everything to keep working unless I make copies or something. I am not sure though. Anyway, it is something to start with.

Hope this helps