Render Normal Maps

Alright so basically my normal map textures won’t run in the game engine, but will render with F12. Is there a setting I need to enable to get this to work right so I can see changes to my game, inside the engine?

GLSL materials, if your video card supports it. This is a new feature in 2.48? It was incorporated from a separate build, so make sure you’ve got the latest version. Assuming you’ve done that, click on “game” in your top menu, then “Blender GLSL Materials”. You’ll be able to see your normal maps real time, and in the GE, assuming you’ve set your materials up correctly.

I have a website with several free models, many of which are set up with glsl. Everything in the furniture category is, at least. Play around with one of them if you want to see how to set up the materials etc.

click on “3d models”