Render not happening

I hate to be a pain but I’m trying really hard to get this Gus guy happening from the book (my previous thread “Bought the book and can’t get past the first page”). I’m following the updated tutorial and after three hours I’ve managed to get Gus built but when I render all I get is a white box and no Gus. Again I thought I’d done it to the letter but this is really disappointing. Any suggestions very much appreciated.

I thought that maybe it was my graphics card but I’ve opened the file from the CD with the book and it renders fine. Please help me.

do you reckon you could either post a screenshot or a .blend file?

Screenshot attached. I can see the plane (?) (the white area) but no Gus.
Thank you for your help.

what kind of lamp are you using? have you added materials yet?

i think u are using area lamp an the distance value is too big… try to change to another type lamp

I did exactly what it says in the Gus the Gingerbread Man tutorial. I’ll have a look at their file and see what the settings are. Thank you.

can u share ur blend file? i want to check it…

yeah i think the best way to solve the problem is to post the blend file.