render not matching the saved file.

ok so i have something going on here we when i do a render in cycles and i save the image the saved image does not match the image i see in the render results screen…
the saved image is brighter and not as saturated as the saved image. i have tried just about every file out put format that blender offers.

i have worked hard to get an image to look the way i want it and the saved file looks washed out.

any one else have this?

here is a sample a snap shot of my screen render image in blender and image in windows image viewer

what format are you saving the image as? is it lossless?

also, i’ve noticed a contrast and brightness difference between images in the compositor and image editor, and there may or may not be another slight difference between those two and the VSE. i usually just trust the image editor, since after saving to a lossless format, my saved images always look the same as in the image editor. the other two can play tricks on you, in my experiences.