Render not the same as preview

Hi, i’m having trouble setting up my render so it looks the same as in the render preview?

I have a glossy-diffuse mixed texture on them but the render makes it seem very dark and flat.

Still learning, Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi! :slight_smile: Hard to say without the actual file or more info. What blender version are you using?

heres the file, looks a bit random but i’m using parts of it to collage on something else aha!

Using 2.79 version.

Perfect! I’ll check it when I’m back from New year celebrations tomorrow, if no one else already solved it by then :slight_smile:

You have disabled the lamp for the final Render,
enabe it and it will look the same as in the preview :smiley:

ahaha my bad
Thank you, every mistake I make is the simplest thing!