Render not working at all!!

Hi guys!

Erm, weird problem; I just loaded my current .blend project and hit F12 to render…

The render window remains black even after the info at the top of the window has stopped.

Sorry if this is a simple problem, but I can’t get it to render at all and I really need to get the image out!!

Ahhh I fixed it!

Sorry for the hassle.

For some reason, the Render was set to Yafray, and not the internal Blender engine.

Apologies again for the massive level of n00bness.

I will figure it all out one day!

no worries. that error will not be possible in 2.49, since there wont be a yafray selection possible

Is the Yafray thing not good then? I am still confused about rendering, and which settings work best.

no, just that we are dropping integrated support for yafray. yafray is not supported, and other renderers are available. the Blender internal renderer is excellent.

OK cool. I am new to all still, so any hints on rendering you can give me are very welcome. Thanks again.