Render object into given image


I have an image taken with an ordinary digital camera and I would like to “insert” an object into the scene in the image.

If I could compute the projection matrix that was used in the camera, then, if I rendered the object setting this as projection matrix, then the object should be shown in the correct perspective, right?

What about the point of view, the position of the camera?

Thanks for your hints in advance!


Calculate the angle of view of your camera. it depends on the tipe of chip and lens your camera uses. Look at manufacturer site i bet u can get some info. Than i would suggest getting the object into perspective by hands or eyes :smiley:

If u had a video file some camera tracking software can calculate the angle of view and camera position for you. i hope this helps.

Take care

i just want too see how my house would look …pleeeeeeeeeeease teach me how to insert object on blender :smiley: