Render objects for the BGE. Python help

So here is the idea. You have an object that you put in a complicated scene. It could have smoke simulations, cycle renders, extra. This object would take renders of the scene to generate video’s, from the angle of each of its faces, aiming on the inside. It would then take those video files and generate a halo image (always facing the camera) of the rendered video. Thus by puting this in the game engine you can have realistic rendered effects inside the game engine.
Like so:
The ico-sphere would take renders of the scene from the angle of all of its faces. This would be extremely usefull for beginers to the game engine to make realistic water and fire.

The set back:
this object will take a vary long time to render all of those videos, and it will be a vary large file with all of those videos.

I know the basics of python, Just minipulations within the game engine, but i will need help with a project like this.
I will need help with the rendering prossess, and asigning halo videos, and using it in the game engine.

It would be realy nice to get some people on board with this it could be a great addition to blender