Render of dynamically changing objects [on hold]

Hi all, please, write a script that can replace the profile for the curve, render the curve with this profile, then render it, output it to compositing (where the rendered render passes through the necessary nodes), and at the output, the image will be saved with the profile name of the curve .

The algorithm, I think, can be this: ==> Set main Camera ==> Get a list of profiles for a curves ( Curve1 … CurveN) ==> change a profile for the selected curve (or with special name (like BaseCurve))

(Explanation - in the first iteration for the BaseCurve, the bevel object will be Curve1, in the second iteration there will be Curve2, in the iteration of N - CurveN; render result will be Curve1.png…CurveN.png).

==> renderer ==> sending to compositing ==> saving with the name of the [curve1. … curveN] ==> repeat until the queue reaches the CurveN.

Typical response would be to first offer up example code of what you have done so far to solve this yourself, but I would also suggest some mockups of what you actually mean to achieve here since I can’t tell what the desired result should be.

Get a list of objects for rendering (incidentally, the implementation of some other actions, be it transformation of the object, etc.) => render => send to compositing => save the file with the name of the object => repeat
It looks simple, but I have no idea about working with a Python and a Blender API.

Anybody, please?