Render one before and one after denoising without re-rendering?

Denoiser something F-up the final image with unsightly smears, is there a way to save two versions, one before and one after denoising without re-rendering ?

Hi, no I fear but it was already a two way render/denoise system working.
It was canceled for 2.79 release because not completely finished.
I hope it come back in 2.8.
May Lukas Stockner steps by and give us information about the state of it.

Cheers, mib

As of a few hours ago, you can! Might not be in buildbot yet, though:

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CAN’T wait for 2.79C…it will have that right ?..oh man…
In the meanwhile…I hope they make that available soon.

There will not be a 2.79c, the current buildbot builds for the “master” branch are kinda like one, as they’re 2.79b+minimally invasive changes planned for 2.8. But there’s no plan for an actual stable release except for 2.80.