Render-out colour is a bit off while viewed outside of Blender

I use sRGB filmic high contrast and export as png, when opened in, for example, Photoshop, the colour is just not as saturated/vibrant as in Blender, I understand when it comes to colour profile its always not as easy, but how can I export the exact colour in Blender so that’s it shows up correctly in other program?

Are you on a MacBook Pro or another wide gamut display by chance?

Hi I’m on Windows 10, the monitor is Acer XV272U, I run it in 10 bit, but I had this problem with 8 bit monitor as well

It’s challenging to know exactly what is going on, as the description may or may not match the situation.

Are you able to post a screenshot?

In theory, on an sRGB display, the images should be more or less a match. The issue is that if your actual physical display uses different coloured RGB lights, you will have a problem.

I looked at the specifications for your display, and it indeed lists Display P3 as supported. This means that the colours of the RGB lights in this mode will be more saturated and quite different from sRGB RGB lights. That means that your display type is set incorrectly in Blender if this is the case.

To start, are you able to find an sRGB mode on your display via the hardware adjustments?

There is another option, but Blender isn’t terribly well designed for proper pixel management at this point, so the above is likely the easiest path.

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