render output image size

hi all,

by default the image output setting of blender is 1920x1080, if there is a way I can add a multiple value like x2 or x3 to make it bigger?

If i manually change the setting it seems just change the image area bigger instead of just the same view of image.


where it says “100%” simply change it to “200%” for 2x larger or even “150%” for 1.5x

oic…really? i didn’t know it can go over 100% since if u ‘drag’ maximum to right…but i can input it.

If you resize both X and Y to the same aspect ratio as previously, the image area should be exactly the same. But I know what you mean, the initial re-framing when tweaking just one value can be confusing.
In case you haven’t noticed, you can type math into any numerical field in Blender… so the easiest method in this case would be to just enter *2 after your original values.