Render output is different from viewport shading (rendered)

Hello folks it´s my first post. :smiley: I have a Question referring to cycles render.

I just set up a scene which appears in viewport shading quite perfect, but when I start rendering, colors are all like the world color. And if I remove the world colour entirely it´s just all black when I start rendering. Strangely it all appears perfect in viewport. What can I do?

Light is there.
No render restrictions.
No texture issues.


I have solved the problem by importing all models into another scene.


can you share the blend file? It is hard to know what you mean. There are multiple ways the viewport can be shaded, and you didn’t state witch one. Is it viewport render shading, solid shading or any of the others? There is no info on how your light, render settings or materials are set up. You only state in 3 lines at the end that you don’t have any issues, but still you have issues? Can you clarify.