Render Output

I am wondering:confused: what the file Render Output is used for?

I set the to save the rendered output in the “User Preferences”

then the renders should be saved here no matter if its an image(jpeg, png, etc…) or a movie Correct?

It’s where you define the Directory (Location) of the image’s or movie to be renderd to.

For example set it to // which means the desktop.

Creat a new folder (don’t change the name) > and enter //New folder
So it will be renderd to that folder, keep in mind the capital letters needs to be correct.

Hope that explains it!

The render output location is where animations are saved. Single image renders need to be saved manually from the image editor window or by using F3

@Wentzel thanks I get it. But wouldn’t it be logical if this is set in the user pref. all images and movies be saved to this file?

If im getting were your at, Your asking why the the output settings isn’t in the user preference!

That would be a good idea to save space, since blender is gramped up!

No. So if I want to change to file output location I have to dive into the user preferences ? No thank you.
To know what the output setting in the user preferences is for, read the tooltip that pops up when you hover your mouse over it (read the last three words of the tooltip on the box your showed)

A render is and could be an Image or a Movie regardless its a render.

The tooltip says, “The default directory for rendering output, for new scenes.”, So when We do the render of this “new scene (i.e. image or movie)” its not saved in the directory “Render Output” which is well as the tooltip says the “default directory” or the directory which is set by the user.

blender Wiki:

File Paths
When you work on an important project, it is wise to configure it. Set default paths for the different file types you will be using.

Output Options
The first step in the rendering process is to determine and set the output options. This include, render size, frame rate, pixel aspect ratio, output location, and file type.

Output Panel
This panel provides options for setting the location of rendered frames for animations, and the quality of the saved images.

File Locations
By default, each frame of an animation is saved in the /tmp directory. Change this or any field by ⇧ ShiftLMB clicking in the name field and entering a new name. If you use the // and do not save a new .blend file somewhere, Blender assumes the // to refer to the Blender install folder.

Clicking the folder icon to the right of the field turns a Blender window pane into a File Browser window. Using this window is very handy for scrolling through your hard disk and selecting a file or directory.}}

So all I’m asking is if I set the file paths in the Blender Preferences for the Render Output, all the Render Output files should be saved here, but there not. Any other setting I set in the User Preferences > Files all work all the files are saved at a location I set except render output. Where are the Render Output files saved ?