render over all without an overlay-scene , how ?

actually not a common question , …
but you can turn on x-ray with a cube as example in the blender 3d window , and it is rendered over all

but how in the GE (GameEngine) ?

the question is , in this blend as example , i want to make the green object appear overl all
it is imppossiple with overlay-scene , because it is interactive , not health bar …


I don’t really have any “real” ideas, but if you could hack into the rasterizer, you may be able to do something like these ideas:

  1. Every time the scene is redrawn, do an extra redraw of all objects whose property “x-ray” is true (or something similar).

  2. If an object has a property, then sort the z-buffers so such objects are forced to the front.

thanks , but it doesn’t work :frowning: , … can you give me a clue about the rasterizer method

Well, I’m not sure if this will help, as I don’t completely understand the question, but I made this demo a while ago, to show xray.

Use 1, and 2 to change between xray, and normal.

toomai thanks
face thanks for help , but this is something different , … thanks anyways :slight_smile:

i need help :frowning: