Render Panel - HD settings giving poor results

I’ve been trying to render a still frame from a smoke sim that I have been playing around with. By all accounts, the settings used to make the sim should produce fairly nice results. I’ve been trying to render it in 1920x1080 @100%, but the output looks very pixalated/grainy, like a 16/32 bit sprite type of thing. Anyone have an idea as to why this is?

What is your Domain resolution divisions?

64 divisions. Sorry it took so long to get back…mobo literally exploded and I was out of commission for a few weeks.

The way I understand Voxels - someone correct me if I’m wrong - but 64 divisions, is giving you 64x64x64 “cube” of voxel pixels to render the smoke within - this I fear, is not high enough resolution for the result you want.

You are correct.

Point taken, might just need more divides. I was following the picture tutorial for settings, wasn’t sure if he rendered @100 divisions or 60 (I guess it was 100)?


What is your Integration Step size? 0.04, like in image?

.05 (don’t remember why I decided on that), most tutorials I’ve seen actually recommend .005. Though to be honest, it doesn’t seem to make all that much of a difference (if the picture looks grainy, the step size just takes some of the edge off, but not enough).