Render particle hair (cycles)

I did some tests rendering some hair with different settings. The result posed some questions that I hope can be answered here:

Curly hair

Wavy hair

Radial hair

  • The curly hair does not really look that curly. How can that be improved?
  • The renders for curly and wavy seem to have some fireflies near the tips. How can this be improved?
  • The flow of the hair seems to be a bit too clumped together (too many hair strands into the same direction). Is there an easier way to improve this than reducing the parent - child ratio? I think that is what causes this effect
  • When plugging in the intercept hair info into the factor of the mix shader (see next post), the hair becomes black. That at least is the node setup I used up to now based on this tutorial.

Node setup for the hair material.
Also find the test blend file attached.

Attachments (979 KB)