Render Passes, Distributed Rendering

Hi folks, 'been out of the loop for a while, and I’m curious if the ability to make rendering passes (diffuse, highlight, reflection, shadow, lighting, etc.) was added in the recent version of Blender.

Also, was there any distributed rendering ability added to this version as well, so you can farm out your work? Curious.


AFAIK, no rendering passes allowed for now. Perhaps are there some python scripts that helps with this…

Concerning the Distributed Rendering, I know there exists many different solutions, each with their pro and con. Make a search on these forums to learn more, many topics arose in the past. I remember of DrQueue as one of the most valuable distributed renderer, but I have no interest in the topic… Now the rendering engine of Blender is dual (multi?) threaded, though… It could be something I’d get more interested in, in the future.