Render Passes!!

finally, yeah!!!

Oh yeah! One of the most wanted features :slight_smile:

Windows builds by lguillaume here (zip) and here (7zip) :slight_smile:

Does anyone have a working Windows XP SP2 build?
On graphicall there are several posts with people saying it doesn’ work. I haven’t tried it yet so i’m asking if someone has…

   	 	 	 		 		 		Does anyone have a working Windows XP SP2 build?


The build given in the post above your question works fine once you add the needed .dlls (from an official install).

Very neat feature btw.


Hi Zazu,

try this one (all the needed dlls are in the zip file), patched with Matt Ebb´s Iconset selection in the Info Buttons, compiled with VC 7.1, Verse Server, FFMpeg, Gameengine:

Bye, Olaf.

Thanks Koba, i wasn’t sure if it worked so i had to ask…

Thank you Olaf. I was thinking about compiling a version with Matt Ebb’s icons the other day, so this came in a perfect timing.:slight_smile:

EDIT: Hey Olaf, the build you gave me doesn’t have the new icons… In the console i get this:

D:\blender-cvs-windows\blender-cvs-windows.blender.blender\icons: No such file
or directory

Is the iconset a separate file that i need…

Yes, you have to create an “icons” folder in your $HOME/.blender/ directory, then you can put an iconset PNG File in that folder. Look to the “tango icon
theme” thread, there you´ll find some good iconsets…

Bye, Olaf.