Render preview not showing HDRI

Render preview not showing HDRI

my HDRI is not showing in render preview. I just get a green image. Im sorry but this file is big because of the HDRI so please have patiets with DL…otshowinghdri1


You’re not in ortho view, are you?

Sorry i think its not possible to DL from that filedrop site. I dont know were i can upload so big a file. Its over de 40 MB.

But here a screenshot. you’ll see im in perspective view.


I am pretty sure you are in orthographic mode on the left. Orthographic view will always show a single color instead of the hdri. Also I can just see that the building and the car have no perspective depth to them on the left (they do on the right) check that, and also you can just switch into camera view (numpad 0) and look.

If the camera is a regular perspective camera and not an orthographic one, try zooming out the camera in its camera setting.

I’m with Photox, looks like your preview is orthographic. Press 5 on the numpad to switch to perspective.