Render Preview

Sorry if this is ALREADY opened here somewhere but my search did NOT find so…

What about the RenderPreview button now in 2.5 (think it was SHIFT+p)? It was a GREAT way to preview the scene quickly and with almost raytracing parameters so user could see how his/her final touch will look like … there is NOT an option in Blender 2.5???

 THX for the answer, JayM

This has not yet been been implemented in blender 2.5. It’ll have to be brought back in a future version.

OK man, THX MUCH for the answer! Is there some plan in which release it will be available?
And in fact do U know about this? - its a REAL-TIME render engine (at least GREAT for preview purposes) for the Blender (SmallLux built on GPU rendering)! Seems its working but I think its now ONLY available for Linux in x64 version - Win only in 32bit.

BEST could be seen here at a time 6:20 -