Render Preview

Is there a specific reason that render preview hasn’t been re-implemented? other then floating panels.

In-place of a floating panel you could use a box selection like border render, except that it would be stuck onto the screen.

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I think the code was buggy from what I read before, and since dev efforts are centered on Cycles being made ready for Mango, then if using the Cycles render you already have a preview mode for 3d view in that sense. I remember using it back during 2.42 I think, but later it was abandoned because it didn’t work correctly…

The render preview panel is in every blender version up until 2.5, I cant say if it was there before 2.3x, normally I don’t need a preview until I start wanting to use textures that are generated, or I have both a normal map and bump map, and in a few other instances, in these cases a quick render preview option would be nice in BI, I know that cycles is awsome, but its not complete yet, and BI, though old, is still awesome if you know the ins and outs of texturing & lighting.

As a side note, its really not too hard to set up a border render in the camera and fly it around, or rotate around the cursor.

Edit: wow, I guess I never noticed that the render preview panel was broke before, I just did some tests in 2.49

As an alternative ( with blender internal render ) from the camera view only, box select (SHIFT-B) the area you want to preview.

Render it.

Not sure if there is a shortcut to exiting box select render mode, but to return the camera to normal, you can then (SHIFT-B) box select anyplace outside the camera view.

Hope this helps.