Render (previous) Doesn't work on mac

I’ve heard that The “j” key in the blender render window switches to the previous render; it just turns grey. Even if i have already rendered something and render something else. Am i doing something wrong, or is this a mac only thing?

It works on windows vista (Just tried it)

Hi the previous render key is j, but for it to work you must first render a scene, then press j (so that it turns grey), then render again. Now pressing j will switch between the 2 different renders.

Ohhhhh… That’s inconvinient, but thanks. There should be some kind of browser through renders…

In a way, there is. Save your renders to a file and then use the Image Browser to go through them. Granted, it requires saving each render, but I’d prefer that than keeping a bunch of buffers just floating around in RAM (RAM that I could be using for other purposes).

How can I get rid of the last rendering? I mean, once I did the trick wit control-J, I can never get a my window turn into grey again, to start over. I am always bothered wirh some old rendering. Hope someone understands what I mean.

The previous render doesn’t take up space or anything… it’s harmless.

If it’s really bothering you, though, you can save your file, quit Blender, then open the file again.