Render Problem (i think)

I made a character rigged him, made a walkcycle, added some shape keys, and after that when i rendered him, his eye appears to be black. I recalculated the normals, removed the doubles, switched to newer 2.5 builds (i’m using 2.5 beta) but he still has that black eye. Here’s a render.


It’s likely that those faces have no material. Go into edit mode, select those black faces and press Assign in the Material properties, with the desired material selected.

It has a material, it only becomes black when you render it. Anyone know how i can fix this problem?

In that case a blend file would be very helpful. The solution would be easier to find then.

only 1 thing I can think of right now is that there are double faces, which can’t be removed by Remove Doubles. Those wouldn’t be completely black, except if they have the same material as the eyebrows. Check the mesh or select all faces with a black material.

I know, I’m just guessing…

your character isn’t by any chance the victim of any domestic violence, is he?

No, thought so…

I think that’s it Sago. He’s an abused husband. :yes:

That didn’t work, but I managed to fix it, I noticed the other half of the eye didn’t have any black, so i deleted the black eye part, and duplicated, and scaled it in reverse and the problem was fixed. Thanks for the help anyway.

PS. He’s a super hero, he’s no victim of any violence!


Every super hero has his ‘Kyptonite’

But know the mystery of the black eye remain unsolved. How unsatisfying!!

Ha ha. Yeah, your probably right.

#Sago: maybe it’s a problem with 2.5. 2.5 still has alot of bugs.