Render problem, transparent rendering tiles and no end result


I have a problem with this scene. Renders only work occasionally (it helps if I press f11 to close render panel then press it again to re-open it). The tiles move about like its rendering but remain transparent and you can still see the checker board pattern through them. It doesn’t take as long when it does a blank render.

If I press animation and try and render out a sequence it never works and the images it saves are blank.

I thought this might be a memory problem (graphics card has 3gb memory) but the same problem happens when i use CPU (with 32gb of ram).

The rendered viewport shading works fine.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Not enough info.

Please ALWAYS supply scrrenshots clearly showing the problem as well as an example blend file.

Sorry, I was in a hurry and wasn’t thinking:o

Here is a link to the blend (50mb)

screenshot of animation render in progress with cpu and 16*16 tiles

It’s the Blender Guru space corridor tutorial. I was hoping to make a simple animation with a camera move.

Windows 8.1 (although this happened with 8 too)
32GB Ram
GTX 580
i7 Haswell quadcore 3.5Ghz

You have a mesh called “Cube” selected as render camera - didn’t know this is even possible…:wink:
Select your camera and hit CTRL + Numpad 0 to set it as active and all should be fine.

Thanks for your help Ikari. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s the problem. “cube” was just the object that I had selected at the time. I did what you suggested anyway but the problem remained.

Look at the scene settings. Under camera it says quite clearly: “Cube”.

As soon as I change that to your scene camera, the render runs fine - at least on my machine…

Ikari, thank you so much, I owe you one!!!

I went into the scene setting and changed it back to “camera” and now it works! I don’t know how I managed to set it as cube in the first place, probably mashed some keys at some point. the weird thing is it would occasionally render a single image lol.