render problem

ok in my 3d veiw my model loks like this

but my reder totaly like rubbish like this

why is this and can it be solved

ooooo… that render came out nasty, hmmm… try and bring down the spectacular setting and press the “set smooth” button in the editing tab

yeah this button should help

thanks for your help and yes that did some good take a look now still something wrong though i have circled what i mean

I’m not entirely sure but it could be a problem with the normals: hit Ctrl+N (in edit mode) to recalculate them. If that doesn’t fix it, enable “Draw Normals” and look in the specific area, if some normals are still pointing in the wrong direction (judging by the majority of the other normals). Then you can flip them manually.

(By the way, seems like a fine, low poly model to me!)

or duplicate faces made by very close vertices - try removing doubles as well.