Render Problem


I’ve some problems with the render system of Blender.
I’ve created a model and an armature, but when I want the render them I see nothing but a blue screen. Maybe it’s the fact that I used different layers. Can someone help me please?

you might not have any lights in your scene
your camera might not be pointed in the right direction
or you might be rendering an empty layer

1> press the tilda button (~) under the esc key to display all layers

do you see your object in the 3d window?

2> press Numpad 0 with the mouse in the 3D window - this will change to camera view

is your camera pointed in the right direction

3> if your camera is correct and you see a black object on a blue screen you dont have any lights - just add some and try again


OK, I’m not going to assume anything.

It sounds as if the camera is not pointing at the object you are trying to render. Select the camera, then press ctrl numpad 0. Now you should be looking through the camera, and if you object is in front of the camera, you should be able to see it in the view. If you can’t, then either the camera or the object needs to be moved.

Typically, when I need to position something in front of the camera, I split the screen, and use one viewport as a camera view, and the other as a normal orthographic view.

If you have things on different layers, that shouldn’t matter as long as all of the layers are turned on.

OK, I’m not going to assume you even have a Camera! First, press the tilde ~ key to select all layers.

In 3D View, go into front view (numpad 1) and you will see your model from the front, looking straight at it. Click in the middle of the screen. Press space and select >Add->Camera. You will see a box with an X and an up arrow appear at your cursor.

No go into top view (numpad 7) and position the camera so it is in front of your object.

thanks to all!
The mystery is solved.
Like Waylow said, I was rendering an empty layer.
again: Thanks to all!!