Render problems during eyeblink mesh deformation

Wondering if someone can say whats happening in the render of my eyeblink.



When the eye is closed, the faces of the eye lid are too close which gives you this artifact. In your shape key “Eye Closed”, move the external loop (of the two selected in your fourth picture) away from the eye.


That wasnt it. The same thing happened with eye layer off, but it got me thinking on the right track. Turned out to be the eye socket mesh flipped over and coming forward. Im using an armature and vertex groups to deform the eyelids. Im not sure if this is the best way and I did have to beat on the mesh alot to get a nice looking closed eye pose.


I was certainly not very clear, but that’s what I wanted to say :smiley:
When I said the faces overlapped, I was speaking of the eye lid, not the eye. It could be a weight paint problem if you’re using bones. There are two methods for the eye-lids: with bones or shape keys. I thought you were using shape keys.